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Business Start-ups for Sustaining

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Keep it going! Are you a self-starter, an entrepreneur, a calculated risk-taker?

Why not start a cart, plant a tomato farm, cook-up a fast-food business, or launch an ambulance for-hire business? These can help a ministry become 100% sustained by local resources.

Small business startups have proven to be powerful wealth-building engines. Help church planting leaders and  networks sustain their momentum through entrepreneurship.

* A tomato farm costs $3,000     (breaks even after 12 months)
* A food cart business costs $1,500     (breaks even after 6 months)
* An ambulance business costs $22,000     (breaks even after 20 months)

Amount Needed: $3,000
Share in the Cost: $1,500

Use our Joy to the World Honor Cards when you give to this project!