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Speak Up for the Voiceless

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The older man explained with tears in his eyes, “I came to this VFV seminar hoping to find out how we could finally have a boy. I have four daughters, and I was not happy. But now I am so happy and thankful to have girls! I see now that God loves all the babies.” 

Help us spread the life-giving teaching of the Voice for the Voiceless curriculum which addresses women’s health issues, baby development, and abortion, while weaving the Gospel throughout and offering the hope and forgiveness of Christ.

These practical materials move vital information to the grassroots where lives hang in the balance. Help speak up for the most vulnerable who have no voice.

* One new VFV language translation costs $300.
* One set of “real-life” baby models costs $175.
* 12-week-old rubber baby models are 10 for $5.00.
* One year of training (reaching 3,000 people) costs $3,500.

Suggested Donation: $175
Share in the Cost: $20

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