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Alleviate Dire Hunger – COVID Response

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Imagine opening a bare pantry, no food in your house, no food in the local market. Your children have a hungry look in their eyes, then your relatives show up at your door asking for food. What will you do?

The Corona virus has greatly affected food access in Asia. Factories shut down, workers lost jobs, homes, and hope. Millions travelled to their home villages as they abandoned the cities. Cities won't import food from villages due to lockdowns, and the village food supply remains at high-risk.

10/40’s food distribution project feeds hungry families and gives hope for the future. Provide a family with a large food packet that includes: Rice, Lentils, Salt, Tea, Flour, Potatoes, Masala, Medicine.

*In Bangladesh    Feed a family for a week = $12
*In Pakistan         Feed a family for 2 weeks = $22
*In India               Feed a family for 4 days = $7
*In South Asia      Feed a village of 100 families = $2,500 

Amount Needed: $250
Share in the Cost: $25

Use our Joy to the World Honor Cards when you give to this project!