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The Arise Home - India

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“It was so exciting to start my nursing career! This past year I earned a 50% scholarship from the college. One of my sisters (from Arise Home) and I enjoy our nursing studies together. We miss seeing the other girls each day, but I thank Jesus for opening up my future!” – Priya, Arise Home Graduated Sister (future nurse)

10/40 supports the girls (ages 13-22) of the Arise Home – 12 still reside there and 10 others have graduated and now study in college/vocational schools. Rescued from dangerous situations, these young ladies now thrive in empowering environments. 10/40 provides them with the foundation of a Christian education and a merit-based scholarship.

*Support a high school girl’s education for a $59/month or $708/year.
*Support a college girl’s education for $1,500 a year. 

Suggested Donation: $150
Share in the Cost: $59

Use our Joy to the World Honor Cards when you give to this project!